The Foundation protects the Rainforest.

Numbers that give hope: One square kilometer of rainforest stores 20.000 tons carbon dioxide. So, the entire Amazon rainforest summons up to 85 billion tons. The lung of the world. To preserve this lung and protect it from overexploitation is the aim of the foundation »Rainforest Foundation Pastaza Ecuador«. It was founded by Ingo Lies and Alfonso Tandazo.

The foundation buys rainforest areas of at least 90% primary rainforest. The goal is to place it under nature protection. Protection, Maintenance und partial reforestation are in the hands of the local population. At the moment the foundation possesses a coherent area of over 1000 hectares that grows year after year.

The rainforest areas belong to all those who went on a long-range journey with either Chamäleon or YOLO. The mapping takes place in plots. Their size balances the carbon emissions of that particular journey. Thereby, the ownership of the plot is verified with a certificate. Anyone who wants to make a further contribution to active climate protection may improve his personal carbon footprint with another donation and in that way increase his symbolic property.