A ray of hope amidst the rainforest.

The rainforests in the Amazon region store incredible 85 billion tons of carbon dioxide and produce in return the substance that is most important to all of our lives: oxygen. To endanger this cycle cannot be justified in any way. On this simple formula rests the initiative of Ingo Lies and Alfonso Tandazo. The rainforest foundation »Pastaza Ecuador« places the lung of the world under nature protection to save it from overexploitation.

The foundation already bought over 11 million square meters of rainforest in two headstream areas. The preservation, maintenance and partial reforestation was given into the responsible hands of the local population. Every year the preserved areas grow.

The rainforest areas of the foundation belong to all those who travel on a long-distance journey with either Chamäleon or YOLO.  Every guest receives the symbolic possession of one plot of 100 square meters. Registered by name and certified. Anyone who wants to make a further contribution to active climate protection may increase his symbolic property with a donation to the foundation.