The Idea of the Foundation.

To balance the inevitable carbon footprint of long-distance flights through sustainable commitment for the preservation of the rainforest. That was the idea leading to the establishment of the »Rainforest Foundation Pastaza Ecuador«. Evergreen trees in storeys up to 60 meters, strangling figs, over 4.000 kinds of climbing arum aerial roots, light searching lianas, water retaining herbs and humus gathering orchids continuously replace carbon dioxide for oxygen. That is the way the air that we breathe arises.

The rainforest is safe from exploitation as a raw material supplier only in those places where it is protected. Only after that, his enormous steam clouds can protect planet earth from global warming. Only after that, the natural environment of many indigenous people is kept safe. But who protects the rainforest, his flora and fauna? The friendship between Ingo Lies in Germany and Alfonso Tandazo in Ecuador nurtured their desire not only to organize memorable travel experiences but also to spring into action for the preservation of the rainforest.

The foundation was named after the largest province in Ecuador that is home to huge areas of primary rainforest. Ecuador belongs to the smaller countries of South America, but it’s biodiversity is one of the largest.